The Highest customer satisfaction is our goal.

History and Background

In 1988, Mr. Arnon Chainetwara established a team of flooring construction and installation. The team was a general contractor for building projects. The team members and its leader have expertise and experience in the flooring industry. They also had all the tools available for the successful operation. After some productive years of work and when he was already well known, Mr. Arnon Chainetwara founded and established NUTCON Corporation Limited on the 20th of April 2009.

Later, the company expanded to a greater variety of industrial flooring. It made NUTCON grow very quickly. The reason of its success was because the company has personnel with the ability to work very well. And the customers were very satisfied with its work that provided high quality flooring. From its beginning up to now, the company has developed a style of work. NUTCON performs its project with high technology and modern tools that in order to meet the demanding needs of customer in the industrial floor covering.

NUTCON’s vision

This is the organization vision : “Give our customers satisfaction striving for excellence in the construction industry, working integrated with the latest technology and the most modern tools”.